Membership FAQ's

How soon after my purchase can I begin using my membership?

When you purchase a Museum membership, it becomes effective immediately. Keep your receipt or email confirmation to use as proof of membership until your cards arrive in the mail.

If you are trying to purchase tickets to a Museum or Sea Center event, and you have not received your Membership cards, call our Development Office at 805-682-4711 ext. 110.

If I renew early, will I lose the months of membership I have left?

No, your membership runs an entire calendar year from the date of purchase. If you renew early, the new membership will begin when your old membership expires.

How long is a membership good for?

Memberships are valid for 12 months and will expire the following year at the end of the month purchased.

Can I upgrade my membership?

Yes. If you decide that you would like to upgrade your current membership level, you may do so at any time. Please note, we do not pro-rate our memberships. You will need to pay the difference between the full cost of the membership level you currently have and the level to which you are upgrading.

If you choose to upgrade your membership within 3 months of your expiration date, we will allow you to renew your membership at the higher level for the following year, and will upgrade the remaining months of your membership for no additional charge.

Can I add an additional person or childcare worker on my membership?

Yes, that is the Family Plus level Membership. This level is geared toward families who have a caregiver, grandparent, or frequent guest who visits. By choosing the guest option, the user must be accompanied by named individuals on Membership. By providing a designated name, that individual may visit the Museum or Sea Center without the main card holders.

What if my card is lost, stolen, or has errors?

We are happy to replace membership cards at any time. If you card is lost, missing or stolen there is a $5 fee to replace your card. You may use this link to purchase a replacement card or come to our front desk the next time you are the Museum and one of our Visitor Services Representatives can assist you. If your card has errors, please send an email to and provide us the information that needs to be updated. Please be sure to identify who you are and your membership ID number.

Are there any restrictions to ASTC Travel Passport Program?

Yes. The ASTC Travel Passport Program only entitles visitors to free general admission at participating science centers/museums. It does not include free admission to Family Festivals, special events and exhibits, theatre presentations or Planetarium show nor does it include discounts in museum stores, on parking or other benefits.

To receive Travel Passport Program benefits, you must live more than 90 miles away from the center/museum you wish to visit. The admission staff has the right to request proof of residence to apply the benefits. 90 miles is measured "as the crow flies," not by driving distance.

Additionally, science centers/museums located within 90 miles of each other are excluded from the Travel Passport Program unless exclusion is lifted by a mutual agreement. 90 miles is measured "as the crow flies" rather than by driving distance.